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Hoge 100's customer experience goes far beyond our excellent software and we recognise that on-going support is as crucial to the long term success of a project as anything else. There will inevitably be support issues and a requirement to call the Hoge 100 help desk. That's why a responsive, friendly support team who have built up a good working relationship with your members of staff is essential. Our Support Manager is normally involved during the implementation of projects so that she is aware of any particular issues and can meet the users of the system.

The provision of a high level of on-going customer care and support is critical to the success of Hoge 100. Leading proven technologies are used to provide effective maintenance, whilst retaining security. Using a mix of remote, on-site and a range of service levels, our customer care offers complete peace of mind.

It is as important to choose the correct supplier as it is the right system. The support provided by Hoge 100 is second to none, as can be testified by any of Hoge 100's customers. We have twice won Access' 'Support Dealer of the Year' award with our friendly team offering full telephone, remote and on-site support.

As part of our on-going commitment to offering unsurpassed service and support, you will be offered a yearly half-day health check to ensure that your users are getting the most from their system. You will also be invited to end user workshops where you will get the opportunity to share best practice with others and we give hints and tips sessions from our support team. These facilities are part of the ubiquitous Hoge 100 support contract and are most definitely not a sales exercise as is found with most other suppliers 'account management' visits.

Our Support Team

The members of our support team have a wide variety of backgrounds and have all worked directly for companies just like yours. We are now on the 'other side of the fence' supplying consulting services to our clients. Our previous experiences from your side of the fence helps us bridge any gaps in your own experience especially when implementing a new system for the first time.

We also know what it's like to deal with consulting firms that are only concerned in managing staff utilisation and minimising cost. This has got no place in our customer care scenario. We are passionate about customer support and the secret to our success is to gather individuals with 'like-mind' motivation and dedication to our quest to provide the best support available.

This gathering doesn't just include our own staff but our clients too. We tend to attract like-minded clients; Good clients will make themselves available and be willing to be an active participant. OK, they have hired 'experts' to do the work BUT we need their input and need to answer questions. They know their business better than anyone and although most of the back end work can usually be done without too much of their input, getting feedback is crucial if we are going to provide top class support.

Our team will take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and, once a project has started, will work with you to configure the software to help you achieve that solution for your business.

When your project has gone live, help is only ever a phone call or email away and our support team is always ready to offer friendly helpful advice.

Our support doesn't work in the same way as most others. All members of our team do support and all members of the team visit customers and provide implementation and training services. It is therefore quite likely that the end user who calls the support desk actually knows the support person and it also means that the person who answers the phone is quite likely to answer the query on the spot.

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