A Bespoke Requirement?

Got a Unique Venue Management Requirement?

You have two options:
  •  Opt for an 'off-the-shelf' system and make your processes fit the software
  •  Opt for a specially written 'bespoke' system and make the software fit your processes

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches so you need to take a hard look at the facts before making any move at all. It could make or break your business.

'Off the shelf' packages like StageIT will normally be run by many other users but bespoke software will be custom developed for your organisation to your exacting requirements.

It's usually better to use an off-the-shelf system if you can, because you get much better value for money and will ultimately benefit from other people's ideas and wishes. However, if your operations are a little more unusual and you find that the standard solutions won't fit, then all is not lost. At Hoge 100 we have the experience and expertise to work closely with you in order to develop and built a bespoke software solution which is specially written for your business.

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What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke Software is software that is tailor made for you, the customer. It's designed to be an exact fit with your requirement, which means that you don't have to compromise like you do sometimes with an 'off-the-shelf'; solution.

What Hoge 100 can do to help?

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge surrounding the Box Office and Venue Managment industry. In addition to which bespoke software accounts for a big part of what we do and our expertise in helping our customers to create software for their businesses is second to none. To date, we have a vast array of customers in many different types of business.

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