Smart Client Software

Why 'Smart Client' software not Browser?

Many companies assume that developing business applications "inside the browser" is their only option. Whilst browsers provide an excellent, fast way to deploy simple applications, for more complex business application needs, a browser-based approach is very expensive, and often falls short of usability needs. Smart Client applications provide a much richer end user experience, they are much less expensive to develop and maintain, and they overcome many common limitations for using the Internet for B2B data management needs.

What are the benefits of having software written for you?

More often than not you can find “Off-the-Shelf” software solutions that provide many of the requirements that suit individual companies. Regardless of this, there will normally be a lot of areas of operation that require the company to work in a different way to fit in with the software available. This is less than ideal whereas having software written for your real business requirements from the ground up means that the software is tailored to your business instead.

Office desktop based software

At Hoge 100, we have a wide range of skills that enable us to write many different types of office based computer software. We develop bespoke software applications using rapid application development tools to meet our client's specific, often unique, requirements.

Primarily our software is written for Microsoft Windows based computers using Microsoft's .Net (DOT NET) software platforms. We are also able to provide software written in Omnis and Jade as alternative object-oriented software development solutions. In addition we tend to use and develop software for Microsoft's SQL Server database model.

Speak to us even if you are unsure of your software requirements

If you would like to know a more about Hoge 100 and how we could help your business, please drop us a line and we will call you to discuss how we can help.

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