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Customer Care

Support is as important as the software and it’s our forté

There will inevitably be support issues and you will need to call our help desk. This is particularly the case during the early months of using the system. A responsive, friendly support team who have built up a good working relationship with your members of staff is therefore essential.

Our main competitors have so many academies to look after that they can’t support them properly but we pride ourselves on the level of support that we provide. We don’t want so many academies that our service suffers.

When you call our support team, more often than not the person who answers the telephone will answer your question, not log your call and tell you that someone will call back later.

The provision of on-going customer care and support is critical to your success. So it‘s as important to choose the correct supplier as to select the right system.

We‘re Different

Fundamentally, our people are different and the way we operate is different. Unlike most companies, we don‘t recruit people specially for our help desk.

Support Image

Every member of our team provides high level support, they visit customers and get involved in the implementation and training of our software and services. This means that when you call for help the person that answers the phone is an experienced consultant not just someone with a couple of weeks of training.

It is quite likely that when you call you our support desk you will actually know the person that is helping you.

It also means that the person who answers the phone is quite likely to answer your query on the spot.

So that we know of any particular issues that you might have, our Support Manager is also normally involved during the implementation of projects.

We are with you all the way.

Our support is second to none, as can be testified by any of our customers and we have twice won Access' 'Support Dealer of the Year' award with our friendly team offering full telephone, remote and on-site support.

A Message from our Support Manager

The members of our support team have a wide variety of backgrounds with experience in business, bookkeeping and accounting roles. We are now on the 'other side of the fence' supplying consulting services to our academy customers. Our breadth of knowledge helps us to bridge any gaps in your experience especially when implementing a real finance system for the first time after having relied on the LEA for support in the past.

We also know what it's like to deal with suppliers that are only concerned with managing staff utilisation, minimising cost and maximising profit. This has no place in our customer care scenario.

We are passionate about customer support. The secret to our success is to gather individuals with 'like-minded' motivation and dedication in order to provide you with the best support available. Our team will take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve.

Once your project has started, we will work with you to configure the software to help you achieve the right solution for your academy. Then, once your project is live, help is only ever a phone call or email away and our support team is always ready to offer friendly helpful advice.

Sally Spink
Support Manager

01905 947257


What's so special?

  • She who answers the phone answers the question
  • Email us if you like but you don't have to
  • The same people who do installation do support
  • Experienced consultants
  • Dial-in to your system
  • Support with an 'on-line smile'

The support I have received from the team at Hoge 100 has always been excellent. Nothing has ever been too much trouble. Service with an 'on line' smile, always and the 'Go to Assist' system is fantastic.

Sue Saddler
Finance Officer

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